Radio Frequency Fingerprint Identification Project


This paper summarizes Radio Frequency Fingerprint Identification research projects.

  1. Classifying Wireless Siblings of the LoRa Family, Radio Frequency Fingerprint Identification using Deep Learning link
    • Partners: University of Cincinnati, USA
    • Funder: UK Royal Society Research Grants
    • Duration: One year
    • Status: Completed
  2. Secure Wireless Agile Networks (SWAN) link
    • Partners: University of Bristol, Toshiba, ROKE and CGHQ
    • Funder: UK EPSRC
    • Duration: Five years
    • Status: Ongoing
  3. $1.5M Wireless/Machine Learning DARPA Award for Device Fingerprinting
  4. Collaborative Research: SaTC: CORE: Small: Towards Robust, Scalable, and Resilient Radio Fingerprinting link
    • Partners: University of Cincinnati, USA
    • Funder: US NSF
    • Duration: Three years
    • Status: Ongoing

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