TI mmWave Radar Sensors - IWR6843AOPEVM

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This page explains how to use IWR6843AOPEVM.

Features of IWR6843AOPEVM

  • 60-GHz to 64-GHz mmWave sensor
  • 4 receive (RX) 3 transmit (TX) antenna with 120° azimuth field of view (FoV) and 120° elevation FoV
  • Direct interface with MMWAVEICBOOST and DCA1000
  • Supports 60-pin high-speed interface for host-controlling interface
  • Onboard capability for power-consumption monitoring


MMWAVEICBOOST, mmWave sensors carrier card platformOptional, for CCS based debugging
ComputerWindows 7 or 10 PC with Google Chrome Browser and TI Cloud Agent Extension installed.
Micro USB Cable 
Power Supply5V, 3A with 2.1-mm barrel jack (center positive). The power supply can be wall adapter style or a battery pack with a USB to barrel jack cable.


Physical Setup

This procedure can be done by following the online tutorial.

Flash the board with the corresponding binary file (.bin) for the specific function.


  • Different binary file provides different functions. Sometimes they are not compatible with each other.
  • Gesture with Machine Learning Demo requires gesture_ML_6443_AOP.bin file in the address: MMWAVE_TOOLBOX_INSTALL_DIR>\labs\gesture_recognition\Gesture_with_Machine_Learning\prebuilt_binaries\

pymmWave Library

pymmWave is an asynchronous TI mmWave library to expedite the development mmWave sensor.

Please flash the sensor with the binary file out_of_box_6843_aop.bin with the address: <INDUSTRIAL_TOOLBOX_INSTALL_DIR>\mmwave_industrial_toolbox_<VER>\ labs\Out_Of_Box_Demo\prebuilt_binaries\

Note: The address above is wrong in the user guide in MMWAVE SDK Demo - Lab User’s Guide. Please follow the address here.